Premium Cork Yoga Mat


CorkYogis Premium Cork Yoga Mat is thicker and larger than our Classic Mat to provide you with extra space and a cushioning for your practice. It provides a great non-slip, anti-bacterial and natural surface. The grip actually increases when you sweat. This mat is best used for the following yoga styles: hot/bikram yoga, vinyasa, ashtanga and power yoga.

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Our cork yoga mats are also great for yin yoga and pregnancy yoga because the extra thickness and size gives you more support during the long poses. In addition the natural surface temperature of cork is the same as human body temperature, this means you won’t get cold during those long yin postures.

Directions for use: Roll out the CorkYogis mat flat with the rubber side down. The rubber on the bottom effectively grips the floor due to the little ridges. Start your practice on either a dry mat or by using your CorkYogis extra grip spray bottle to spray where your hands and feet go for an unbeatable grip from the very beginning.


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