Star Cushion – Kantha


Handcrafted and Unique Design

All cushions are made to order; ***Contact to check availability***

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All cushions are made to order; ***Contact to check availability***

these gorgeous cushions are great for lounging on the floor or simple yoga poses, they make great gifts and look great too.
we make them from all the carefully selected leftovers from our stunning Kantha bags. Each cushion is made by hand and made with love.

A little fact – kantha is an art form originally from eastern South Asia born out of a necessity by poor families who had to sew pieces of old saris and cloth to make quilts. In between all their daily chores, they stitch the fabric with thousands of minute stitches Making each piece unique, slightly different, and perfectly not the same.

Michelle Banarse designed Kantha cushions; ‘like a star in the sky, each one is unique. Like a firework, an explosion of colour. Like a surprise, what you receive will delight.’


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