45 FLB Sanitary Bags: Starter Pack Plus

Doing the right thing just got easy: Just Open-In-Seal & Bin with FabLittleBag!  The fun of fabbing has officially started!

The same as the Starter pack, but lots more FLB’s! Contains 45 sustainable FabLittleBags plus the Refill case for when out and about- if you have heavy periods or you just want 2 months of fabbing, this is for you. Easy to use, one handed, opaque, and seal closed for easy, hygienic disposal of tampons and pads and condoms.

You're helping to keep the rivers, oceans and beaches free from period product pollution and enjoying an easy, hygienic, feel good experience of disposal, wherever you may be. Made from 60% sustainable sugarcane, which locks the carbon in, 10% renewable cornstarch and 30% recycled plastic to support the circular economy of waste, and vegan glue.