Angel Wings Silk Dharma Shawl - Phoenix Flys High

Our Silk shawls feels sublime on the shoulders and against bare skin. Prayer and Blessing Shawls, Healing for self and others.

Rita Hraiz Designer Sacred Visionary Artist, is thrilled and immensely grateful to have been able to print her meditation inspired artwork and create a wearable Angel Wings Silk Shawl for all to be enveloped and soothed by this sacred design or wearable art.

The vibrancy of the colours in this luxurious Silk Shawl is stunning, you will feel your self radiating and emanating love and healing wearing the painting of these intergalactic autumn angel wings.

 * 100% Silk
 * Limited edition
 * Inspired by Angel Wings
 * Best seller
 * Available in 3 colours

This is the original artwork is by founder, Rita Hraiz - available to  purchase in various sizes. These look amazing in any room and bring a soothing and angelic energy to your space. If you happen to call by our shop in Glastonbury you can see it in person.

Phoenix Rising Angel Wings Artwork - Link


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