Barbie inspired pink lens sunglasses with hand painted pink earring trim, a pink heart gem pendant and hand painted diamanté beads.

Pink sunglasses hand decorated with upcycled earring trim which I painted pink, diamanté beads I also painted, and a pink heart gem pendant.I use as many recycled materials as possible including the frames and upcycled costume jewellery and haberdashery.

Excess glue on the back is because of the hand making process and is to make sure all embellishments are on securely.

I take custom orders. Message for details, I have a wide range of recycled embellishments for glasses including deconstructed costume jewellery, buttons, pearls and pins. I have multiple different shapes of glasses also, sunglasses and clear lenses.If ordering for brides we can also discuss little details like “some blue, something old” etc. I often hide a little blue diamanté detail on the arm of the glasses.