Eco-Friendly Toilet Cleaning Scrub

Bide toilet cleaning scrub (400g)

Sustainable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, plant-based, vegan, convenient, refillable, zero waste, plastic-free and effective cleaning!

Toilet Cleaning Scrub is the perfect non-toxic way to give your toilet a thorough clean. Made using a handful of vegan ingredients and fragranced with essential oils. This is a plastic and chemical free solution for toilet cleaning.

The Epsom Salts provide a gentle abrasive for removing stubborn stains. Whilst the citric acid and bicarbonate of soda tackle limescale. Sprinkle 1tbsp around the pan and into the bowl, leave for 15mins and then scrub with a brush. 


Made using natural vegan ingredients:
Bicarbonate of soda (49.5%), Citric acid (22.5%), Epsom salt (27.5%), Grapefruit essential oil (0.25%), Eucalyptus essential oil (0.25%)