Chocolate Mud Face Mask

Our Children’s Chocolate Mud Masks are made with 100% Organic ingredients. They are great for delicate skin, sensitive skin, dry skin and eczema.


They can be used for children above 1 years old and adults 


Being a Mum to a 3-year-old myself, I know how much the little ones like to join in with a pamper so I had to create something specific to children. Adult can off course use them as well or you can look at our Cacao Anti-ageing mask here


All of the ingredients used are food grade (food grade ingredients are a higher grade than cosmetic grade).


All of the ingredients used are 100% edible so if you have a young one using the facemask and they get any in their mouth it is absolutely no problem. My daughter licks the masks as she likes the taste, its 100% edible as well as being great for the skin and fun!!


Each pouch contains 6 masks. You simply scoop the powder into a bowl, add water and mix. Its fun for the little ones to get involved in.


The pouch is resealable so it will last up to 12 months.