Cork Backpack 4 in 1 Handbag & Vegan Crossbody Bag

Cork Backpack 4 in 1 Handbag & Vegan Crossbody Bag | Moddanio

The Cork Backpack 4 in 1 Taylor Prestige Blue is our most UNIQUE and trendy backpack. Not only is it a backpack you can also use it as a handbag, shoulder bag and cross body bag - Yes! That's right 4 bags in 1.

The Cork Backpack 4 in 1 Handbag & Vegan Crossbody Bag has a main compartment that has a zip fastening feature and a lovely flap over strap that clips into place with a magnetic button stud for extra safety.

There are an additional two hidden compartments with zips that can be found running down either side of the bag, one on the left and one on the right side.

This bag can be completely flat packed for travelling and is the best travel companion you will ever have due to its multi-functional design, as mentioned it is a handbag, shoulder bag, crossbody bag and backpack all in one!

It is elegant and simple with fully adjustable shoulder straps and has a matching top handle to complete its look and feel.

At approximately 41cm width and 35cm height, it's a reasonably sized bag that is handmade. The most natural and durable "vegan bag & backpack" currently on the market.

Becoming more conscious of the environment, and living the sustainable lifestyle has never been more key to helping the planet.

Cork leather is a popular alternative to real leather as it's not only 100% eco-friendly, but is light, durable, vegan and ethical.

If you're thinking about making the change, or already lead the sustainable lifestyle, this vegan, eco- and environmentally friendly Cork backpack in a stunning blue tapestry pattern is the ideal choice for you.

(H) 35 cm x (W) 41 cm x (D) 12 cm approx.
(H) 13.8" x (W) 16.1" x (D) 4.7" inches approx.