Cork Insoles Vegan Shoe Insoles Unisex

When it comes to walking around and keeping your feet dry and odour free, you need a pair of comfy Cork Insoles.Shopping for a feel-good pair of eco padded Cork Insoles Vegan Shoe Insoles has never been so easy, your new favourites are waiting right here, just for you.These high quality Cork Insoles Vegan Shoe Insolesare eco-friendly but also soft, comfortable and durable.These have natural properties, and the ability to offer a real touch of nature to your feet.These insoles are thermal, absorbing, insulating, flexible and lightweight with great wear resistance throughout.Apart from being natural, cork is hypoallergenic and more effective in preventing orthopaedic diseases.They are easy to use and slide directly into a pair of your existing shoes they can also be cut to size in the event they are too big.To increase the durability, use in one pair of shoes.All our cork insoles are made by hand from highest grade of Portuguese cork.Your natural Cork Insoles Vegan Shoe Insoles will arrive neatly packaged for a safe arrival to its new owner. Please note that natural differences and blemishes may occur in cork products.These make excellent gifts.