Cosmic Purple Circle Upcycled Inner Tube Earrings

Cosmic Blue Circle Shaped Upcycled Inner Tube Earrings by Laura Zabo


Dip your toes in cool water and admire a summers sky whilst wearing these beautiful upcycled earrings.
Made with close attention to detail, deep colours of purple and yellow melt together in a glorious fusion. This item is perfect for the modern individual who wants to inject some colour in their life.
Fitted on nickel-free hooks and strengthened with a thin cork layer, these earrings are both durable and sustainable. Treat yourself or a loved one and never look back as you stand out in crowded rooms and feel powerful.   Full length : 6cm Diameter: 5cm
Image: bit lighter purple earrings to illustrate the size and look of these accessories 100% eco and vegan friendly.