Delightfully Dapper Upcycled Inner Tube Unisex Bow Tie

Charming UNISEX bow ties, made out of upcycled bicycle inner tubes. Each piece is unique, with sometimes embossed or printed text on the rubber.


Bow size
Smaller for women : 55mm height x 95mm across
Min strap length 30cm
Max strap length 43cm

Large for men : 6cmx11.5cm
Min strap length 15.2in/38.3cm
Max strap length 18in/45.7cm

The strap is 19mm wide and the length is adjustable to fit most necks, but please specify if you require a special size.

We carefully clean and cut every inner tube to create beautiful products which are long-lasting and unique.

All ZABO products are handmade in London.