Delphis Eco Patio & Stone Cleaner - 5L Concentrate Refill

Delphis Eco Patio & Stone Cleaner - 5L Concentrate Refill

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Delphis Eco's Patio and Stone Cleaner is fast acting, removing deep stains, grease, soot, limescale, rust and efflorescence from exposed masonry, such as brickwork, stone, concrete, tiled or stone floors and walls. Safe to use both indoors and outdoors. 

Areas of Use

  • Brickwork
  • Tiled Walls and Floors
  • Stone & Concrete

Instructions for Use 

This product is a concentrate and must be diluted prior to use. Please refer to instructions on the back of bottle. 

Apply diluted solution to surface by spray or brush and leave to stand. For heavy soiling allow 10-15 minutes contact time and agitate. For larger surface areas such as floors, use a mop and bucket. Rinse well with clean water. This product is not intended for large-scale cleaning. 

Why buy from Delphis Eco

  • 'We don’t just sell cleaning products, we sell the opportunity to be more sustainable’ Mark Jankovich, CEO
  • Delphis Eco are the UK's largest manufacturer of eco-friendly products 
  • All products are made from plant based, renewable and sustainable ingredients
  • Pioneers of the UK’s first 100% recycled & recyclable plastic bottle packaging
  • Never tested on animals 
  • Made in the UK