Let your limbs find their mojo again with this amazing foot soak!

Helps with:
muscle and joint tension, blood circulation, prevention of varicose veins. Great for: detoxing; providing vital trace elements, relaxing, reviving.

The pressure is on when you’re waiting for a baby: after all, your body is giving all it’s got. Sometimes you feel you just can’t stand it – so we suggest you - yes! - sit! And give your feet a treat. Put your feet in a bowl of deliciously warm water infused with the carefully chosen herbal delights designed to combat tiredness and stress. It's a blend designed to alleviate tender, heavy legs, ankles and swollen feet; to ease aching bones and muscles and combat water retention.
The most important ingredient is Epsom Salts - magnesium sulphate - which restores to the body the vital trace elements that strengthen the system. They are also wonderfully good at relaxing the body, and at detoxing.
To this we've added a blend of amazing lavender and peppermint to offer calm coolness and pain relief, alongside ginger and hawthorn to improve blood circulation. Feel the joy!

Throw a handful in a foot bath or bowl of hot water and start dipping your feet until covered. Leave for 15 mins - it'll be worth it!