Guest Soaps – 24 x 20g

Guest Soaps – 24 x 20g

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24 little boxes of Five Star luxury.

Small and perfectly formed, our guest soaps are ideal for eco-conscious guest houses, hotels and B&Bs.

 Guests Lavender Geranium Hair Body Bar has 24 x 20g bars of our bestselling lavender and geranium hair & body soap. 

What a gorgeous gift to give to your guests! 

Help your guests cleanse and relax with Guests Lavender Geranium Hair Body Bar essential oils, 

known for their stress reducing and anti-bacterial qualities.

This natural handmade shampoo and body bar cleans, nourishes, conditions and promotes healthy hair growth 

whilst helping eco-conscious hoteliers to cut down on plastic bottled liquid shampoos and hand washes.