Handcrafted Bamboo Loose Tea Strainer

A beautifully handcrafted bamboo loose tea strainer for brewing your tea the traditional way. A perfect alternative to single-use tea bags, the Clean U Skincare bamboo loose tea strainer works well with any medium to large tea leaves. Our weave pattern traps loose tea leaves and prevents them from escaping.

Directions for use: 

Put your choice of loose tea in our bamboo loose tea strainer and gently place the strainer in a cup of hot water. Let it brew for a few minutes before enjoying your zero waste cuppa!


Handle 9cm, Opening 5.5cm, Height 7cm, 


Approximately 10g

Care Guide:

Gently hand wash with water and soap and let dry.

Please do not put items in the dishwasher.

As this is a 100% natural handmade product there might be some small differences in colour, size or shape.