HyGeeni Bag

WHAT? HyGeeni Bags are multipurpose, sustainably sourced, sealable, opaque disposal bags.

WHAT FOR? Nappies/diapers, incontinence pads, sheaths, ostomy bags and catheters.

WHY? Because disposal is rarely a dignified experience! Disposal of products contaminated with bodily fluids is often fraught with awkwardness and angst. Often there are no bins, bins are full or inappropriate, or you simply need a way to temporality carry the disposed of item that is discreet and locks in any odour.

WHY IS HYGEENI DIFFERENT? They are made from sugarcane waste, and recycled plastic materials. They are easy to use, open with one hand, strong, opaque for discretion and seal firmly closed locking in odours. They ensure hygienic disposal. The packing is 100% recycled material. 


  • Each bag is 22cms x 17cms
  • 50 HyGeeni bags in a pack