Incredible Carrot Hero Balm

A multi-purpose vegan face balm with carrot extract to cleanse and moisturise every day. Specifically designed to calm and balance combination/dry/sensitive skin. Shortlisted in the Free From Skincare Awards 2019, awarded silver in the Global Green Beauty Awards 2020 and bronze in the Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2021! Made with over 45% upcycled ingredients. Ingredients info Carrot extract is the star of this facial balm because it’s packed full of anti-oxidants and gives it its gorgeous bright colour. Murumuru butter is also anti-inflammatory plus it gives the balm its lovely buttery texture with the help of some vegan waxes and will make your skin feel wonderfully soft without clogging pores. Upcycled cold pressed watermelon seed oil, raspberry seed oil and tomato seed oil also have amazing properties for the skin. They penetrate quickly, providing a whole host of vitamins and nutrients, leaving your face feeling moisturised but not greasy. Ingredients: Murumuru butter, watermelon seed oil*, tomato seed oil*, raspberry seed oil*, myrica wax, candelilla wax, carrot CO2 extract (in jojoba oil) and rosemary leaf extract (in sunflower seed oil). *Upcycled ingredients from food and drink waste How to use This multi-purpose balm really is a hero. You can use it as a cleansing balm, just scoop some out with a spoon, apply it to your face and neck and then wash it straight off with a damp cloth. For some extra moisture, then apply a small amount over your face avoiding the eye area. If you need a moisture boost you can apply a thicker amount and leave on for 20 minutes as a mask and then wash off. Give your skin an overnight treat by applying before bed so you wake up with soft glowing skin. There really is no limit to how you can use it, just stick some on and make your skin smile! Best for combination skin with dry patches or troubled skin.