No.136 Miyaki Man - Woody Aquatic (30ml) Men's

No.136 - Natural alternative cruelty-free vegan equivalent to L´Eau d´Issey by Miyake Men's


This is the fragrance of a modern-day samurai or office ninja. It's a very fresh, masculine, daytime scent that opens with citrus notes of yuzu (a kind of Japanese grapefruit) and bergamot. This is balanced by more floral, fruitier notes of blue lotus and geranium and backed up by nutmeg, cedar and other woods in the base. This fragrance is quite unique amongst male 'popular' fragrances insomuch as it doesn't smell as commercial as many others do - you can tell it's been designed with originality and special, unique ingredients in mind. It lasts all day long and is perfect for work.