No.240 Oud Wood - Oriental Woody (30ml) Unisex

No.240 - Natural alternative cruelty-free vegan equivalent to Oud Wood by Tom Ford


Wood! Never has it been so rare, exotic and distinctive. Until now. Oud is of the most sought after, precious and expensive ingredients in perfume, and is the clear star of this fragrance in a fresh, uplifting way. This perfume smells a little bit like a freshly cut-down tree - it's fully of woody freshness and refinement, and is our top seller in store for those who love pure woody fragrances. This fragrance is refined, classy and whilst being unisex, is definitely more masculine than feminine. Works great wearing a suit and is lovely to wear to work. After a few hours on the skin, the woodiness develops into a gorgeous, sweet, slightly silky musk that will envelop you with a sensuous aroma for all to bear witness to. Definitely recommended.