No.255 Aventis - Chypre Fruity (30ml) Men's

No.255 - Natural alternative cruelty-free vegan equivalent to Aventus by Creed


Words almost fail when it comes to this fragrance. Designed to represent the heroic chivalry and knightly code of life under the Emperor Napoleon, this fragrance is evocative of a bygone era where honour, integrity and truth were every man's watchwords. This is the scent for the man who challenges the status quo, builds on the legacy of the ages and seeks to establish his own personal stamp on life. The fragrance itself is simply beautiful, with strong notes of pineapple immediately whisking away your senses and fuelling your fire. Woody notes of dry birch combine with musk in the base to leave an incredibly well-rounded fragrance that is fruity, woody and undeniably masculine. People will without a doubt stop you to ask what you're wearing. This is our most popular men's fragrance both in store and online, and people just keep coming back time and time again for more. It's a fragrance that, no matter how many times you've worn it, you simply can't get bored of.