No.260 Sauvage Man - Aromatic Fougere (30ml) Men's

No.260 - Natural alternative cruelty-free vegan equivalent to Sauvage for him by Dior


Sauvage! You may recall somebody searching for treasure when you think of this perfume, or your favourite pirate of the Caribbean... It's a lovely, balanced citrus fragrance that will take you away to the Caribbean yourself and leave you feeling like a CEO in any situation. It opens with notes of pink pepper and punchy bergamot, before drying down into a unique combination of lavender, vetiver and geranium. Incredibly fresh, this fragrance will give you that straight-out-the-shower feeling throughout the whole day. Popular and frequently bought, this isn't the most unique fragrance but is certain to draw compliments your way and set you up well for wherever the day takes you.