No.280 Vegan Tuscan Leather - Woody Spicy (30ml) Unisex

No.280 - Natural alternative cruelty-free vegan equivalent to Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford


Vegan Tuscan Leather This is a very special fragrance, one for the ages to take note of. Wearing this little piece of manly heaven will leave you smelling like a bull ready for action, or a supple Florentine leather jacket straight out of the shop. It's even nicer than that, especially knowing its 100% vegan and no animals were hurt though - the gorgeous saffron-raspberry opening is simply divine, and lends the deeper tones of woods and vegan leather an almost magical, voluptuous air. Rarely can a perfume claim to manage to be both fruity, woody and have depth all at the same time, at least not without smelling awfully confused. This fragrance is a rare exception, however - the sweetness of the raspberry takes the edge off the leather and lends a sense of Italian grace and luxury to the whole thing. This fragrance lasts for ages, too - a good 10 hours on the skin - and will definitely crank up your man factor.