PLASTFREE Organic Night sanitary Pads (Pack of 2)

  • Premium, Biodegradable, Ultra thin, Organic Cotton Sanitary pad
  • 5 x Absorption than leading brands - 350ml, 320mm length
  • Winged, Antibacterial Anion Strip, Plastic Free, Chemical Free and Hypoallergenic
  • Vegan approved, performance certified by SGS, Microbiological testing by MSL
  • 100% Recycled paper boxes with Standard delivery within 2-3 days

This pack contains 2 x 10 Organic Night pads, total 20 individual products.

Plastfree Night pads are good for daily wear to contain heavy to super heavy blood flow & clots and provides great comfort. Its absorption rate is the highest amongst other pads of this size.

Absorption is 350ml and it is 320 mm long.

Some girls and women who bleed excessively and sometimes experience discharge of blood clots may choose to wear our Night pads during daytime as well depending on the blood flow. Those who bleed unusually high may also explore our Maternity maxi pads for extra protection at night.

Please change every 3-4 hours when full to avoid any bacterial formation. Our Night pads are best to contain medium to heavy flow and give you peace of mind while sleeping. Made to fit all body sizes.