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We are excited to have launched an online version of our Shine Empowerment Programme so that you can enjoy and share the philosophies and methodologies wherever you are in the world. Shine Online is full of video tutorials, personal activities, creative inspiration and a step by step guide to take you through the Shine philosophies for personal empowerment. Choose when you want to learn and when you want to take action. Join the global online Shine network and alumni to share your experiences and receive peer coaching. Ask questions, share your ideas and create a more enjoyable, healthy and effortless way of living for work and life.

Shine Online gives you access to 16 chapters of video masterclasses each containing actions, homework and links to resources covering a range of topics to include:

  • Leadership as Action

  • Perception of Self and Changing Perceptions

  • The Power of our beliefs

  • Fearless Imagination

  • Blame and Energy Vampires

  • Masculine and Feminine Energy

In addition to this you will be able to utilise the Shine Alumni and access the facilitators to ask questions, create discussions, share your own resources and network!

Shine isn’t a traditional personal development or leadership programme, it is an exciting experiential journey of self discovery and self mastery. It will empower you to unlock self-limiting beliefs and tap into both your masculine and feminine leadership energies for creativity and transformation. Shine online will enable you to understand and leverage core strengths to become an authentic, fearless leader and role model that is able to bring your whole-self to life and empower everyone around you to do the same.

Through inspirational inputs and unique methodologies, Shine provides an opportunity for you to truly understand that there are no glass ceilings in leadership except the ones created by our own fears and that if we change, everything else will effortlessly change around us.

Once your order is received you will be sent the access link to download the programme.