Soothing Salve - for healing, soothing and aiding sleep

This is quite simply an all-purpose wonder-salve!

Helps with:
minor skin irritations, grazes, minor sunburn, slight rashes, sore lips, dry fingernails; barrier against grime and scratches; joint pain
Great for: aiding skin repair, relieving tension, anxiety and stress and to aid better sleep; can offer pain-relief to rheumatic discomfort.

This is quite simply an all-purpose wonder-salve! Works fabulously well for skin and mood-lightening for Mother and Baby alike. And for all sorts of people of all sorts of ages.
Soothing Salve is a great aid to skin repair, as well as having marvellous properties for soothing tempers and headaches. It is also fantastic at promoting peaceful rest - and so much else! This might be a very simple salve, but it's amazingly effective.
It contains just a handful of wonderful ingredients.
Apricot kernel and almond oils are nature's top offering when it comes to nutrition for skin. They are packed with oils and vitamins to aid cell growth and restore skin texture.
Lavender has been known for millennia as a superb skin healer; it is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and pain killing. When blended with quickly absorbed, vitamin-rich nourishing nut oils it works to regenerate and nurture the skin.
Lavender has been named as one of the most useful of the essences for the relief of anxiety and stress. It's very good at calming over-wrought babies and young children and soothing headaches. It can help with sleeping too.
Lastly, beeswax offers not only a natural substance for 'setting' oils but it acts as a great preservative and has its own health-giving characteristics.
All in all, Little Herbs Soothing Salve is a must-have for any mother – or father – or anyone else for that matter!

Smooth on to dry, irritated skin as often as required. Alternatively dab a touch on the temples and/or beneath the nose to aid sleep or dispel tension.