Vegan Teak Leaf Leather Straight Edge Coin Bag in Purple

Know someone who would love a gorgeous coin bag to carry their loose change, whilst also promoting sustainable living? Our beautiful vegan leaf leather straight edge coin bag in stylish dark lavender is sure to stun, protect your loved one’s valuable coins and help the planet at the same time. It’ll make that perfect thoughtful gift for an environmentally conscious loved one or even a special treat for yourself. Don’t let loose change weigh you down – free up your pockets with our elegant leaf leather coin bag in eye-catching dark lavender today!The leaf leather in our straight edge coin bags is harvested from fallen teak leaves. They’re then dried and naturally dyed in a variety of colours including the vibrant flower inspired dark lavender. Each make up bag has natural variations in textures and patterns, so every single one of our stunning coin bags is truly unique and would make an extra-special, sustainable gift your loved one is bound to treasure. Here at Jungley, all our products are vegan and sustainably produced locally and handmade by specialist craftsmen. And for every gift bought we’ll plant a tree. So, your loved one will receive a wonderful one-of-a-kind gift and you’ll be giving back to the planet at the same time! It’s a win-win!Our luxury leaf leather straight edge coin bags are also available in sleek coral pink and stylish chestnut brown.Dimensions: 11cm x 11.9cm x 2.4cm