White Tea Soy Candle

Elevate your senses with the calming and sophisticated fragrance of our soy scented candle. White Tea is the ultimate, luxurious spa fragrance beautifully blended with top notes of citrus fruit, combined with soft jasmine, slight white woods and iris. A delicate fragrance blended to refresh any room in your home, creating a relaxing atmosphere. This fragrance is perfect for those who don’t want a heavy scent.

Our luxury scented candles are housed in clear glass vessels with rich, divine scents. Hand made in England with 100% natural plant wax, add some candle-lit cosiness to your home with our luxury scented candles. With 50 hours of burn time and made with the finest ingredients, our special clear glass candles come packaged in a black box.


Pick long burning aromatherapy blend for when you are way past busy and are heading straight for overwhelm. Our luxury soya wax candles are made to order by Amassuna in Orpington. The wax is a 100% organic blend of soy wax infused with fragrance oils before being hand poured into a glass votive.


  • Made from soy wax
  • Natural balancing aroma
  • Vegan friendly
  • Long burn time due to cooler burning
  • 95% less soot compared to paraffin wax
  • No synthetic fragrances, sooty smoke or harmful toxins
  • No petroleum-based paraffin wax


220mg soy wax

Further Information 

Handmade in the U.K. by Amassuna in Orpington. The clear finish glass jar contains 220mg soy wax, a natural wick and is approximately 93mm tall and 78mm diameter.

 Beautifully Bespoke

Hand pouring means that you may notice subtle variations in the appearance of the wax, making each candle delightfully unique.

 How to Use

Trim wick to roughly 1cm before lighting. When you light your candle for the first time burn it until it creates a pool of wax across most of the diameter of the candle – this takes approximately 1 hour. This will ensure the candle remembers to burn to the edge rather than a tunnel. The jar is easy to clean after use with soap and warm water.


Keep the wax clear of matches and other debris to avoid flaring. Do not place near a source of heat.