Simple Sustainable Christmas Tip 2

Christmas trees, decoration and wrapping.

Trees for Christmas –

.My favourite part of Christmas has to be putting up the Christmas tree ! but for a sustainable Christmas there are a few decisions to make : to have a real one, rent a tree or a fake tree this year? Here are some easy tips to help you on your festive way.

Real Trees

If you decide to go with a real tree this year try to buy organic and go local, there are so many local owned Christmas tree farms that have a number of varieties of firs for you to choose from.They also provide a great habitat for local wild life. Make sure you look for the for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) these trees are well managed and they minimise the use of pesticides and chemicals.

To make sure your tree is grown in the UK you can also check out the British Christmas Tree Growers Association ( They have a great data base of farmers throughout the UK. Trees are also 100% recyclable and can be used for mulching and landscaping gardens and parks. Recycle Now are a great resource to recycle your tree locally once you have finished with it in the new year.

Rent, reuse or recycle a tree

Renting a tree is a great option of having a real tree, you get the lovely fir smell without the worry of recycling it or throwing into landfill. A lot of the farms offer a drop off and pick up service usually at an extra cost. Here are a few we know of

1. London Christmas Street Rental –

2. Pines and Needles – offer a removal service

3. Kingwood Christmas Trees – they also sell wreaths and swags.

4. Primrose Vale Farm – – they offer their customers a rental service where by you can name your tree and pick up and drop off each year, you can have the same one or choose a new one.

Forestry England have a great list of sustainably Christmas Tree Farms around England which are FSC and PEFC Certified.

Once you have decided on your tree, think about your glittery decorations. Most glitter is made of microplastic, so steer clear, microplastics are one of the biggest pollutants to the environment and our oceans, only use biodegradable glitter along with natural and organic products; use wood and glass and recycled paper. Reuse them annually, they only come out once a year so effectively have a really long life usage. Handmade decorations are a must and fun for the family too. For all your glitter requirements, we recommend Ecosparkles not only for crafts , but for face and body painting and make up too., now that is real family fun. All their products are made from sustainably sourced plants and are 100% cruelty free and vegan.


Finally on this simple tip – wrapping of your gifts.

Wrapping paper, that one that doesn’t really wrap so easy, you know the smooth shiny plastic one, that goes to landfill in it’s millions of meters. Ditch it this year !

Simple recycled and recyclable brown paper that you can buy from any post office or stationery outlet along with a ball of string goes a long way on your quest for a consciously consumer aware Christmas. Using old newspapers and magazines and adding Ecosparkles Biodegradable Glitter is a really easy way to make a difference.

An alternative for something that really is a little bit special and can be re-used in all manner of ways, for a very long time, is the wrapping that is also a part of the gift.


FabRap makes reusable fabric gift wrapping that stands the test of time. Inspired by Indian textiles and the traditional Japanese art of Furoshiki, these fabric gift wraps combine timeless elegance, sustainability and ease of use.Give them as a part of the gift for the recipient to repurpose or pass forward, or have it returned so that you can use it again.

And for the easiest of all on the decoration front – Go out and walk around with friends and family, there is nothing better than foraging in the woods, leaves, pressed flowers, pine cones, logs, bark, or by the sea, you can collect shells, weeds, drift wood etc it makes it so ery special to create your own.

And here is a lovely blog on making your own plastic free christmas crackers.

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