Simple Sustainable Christmas Tips 4

For those of you who just want to get away from it all – but still care !!


This will be a headline in the not too distant future if we don’t do something right now. There has been so much in the media and social channels about what we are ‘doing’ to our planet. I say ‘doing’ because we have been led to believe that we are killing our beautiful planet. What we don’t realise is that we are not killing the planet but we are killing ourselves. The earth will rejuvenate itself like it has done many times before. What will no longer remain is the human species.

A recent programme led by Sir David Attenborough highlighted that if we don’t do something drastic within the next few years then we will have started the process of human extinction where there exists a point of no return. The UN Convention in Madrid this month also highlighted that we are sleepwalking into the extinction of humans. We are all responsible and we should all make a change. The message is loud and clear.

So as Christmas approaches our thoughts turn to what we will be doing and where we will be this Christmas and New Year. For some of us that means taking that well planned holiday and going away to warmer climates. We know that one of the biggest contributors to climate change is fossil fuels and most of us use a large amount of this in our day to day lives. If you are going away this festive season you will be aware that taking flights is a big part of this and airlines are trying to find and source alternative fuel energy as well as trying to find technological advancements in the design of planes. Until this happens we should look at what we can do to help. I believe that traveling is an important part of our education. It makes us less ignorant and more understanding of each other and other cultures. So what can you do?

Travel Kind Connect is a non profit project that asks holidaymakers to give back to the places and people they visit. Donate one of three things – items that you no longer need, a skill you have that you can share, or donate some of your time. The project connects holidaymakers with grass root projects and charities that need the hands on help.

ITEMS – You can take small items that will fit into your suitcase or purchase items abroad to donate. One such project is that in Bali, Indonesia. The Solomon project helps the disadvantaged and ‘diffabled’ (differently abled) by bringing hope and sustainable options to survive. They are always in need of food, clothing and mobility aids.

SKILL – If you have a skill you can share then the the Association For Fundamental Change And Development (AFFCAD) in Kampala, Uganda helps to empower and educate youth. If you know graphic design or you know how to stitch as well as many other skills they look for, you can help run some of their workshops.

TIME – Whether you are traveling alone, with friends or as a family you can always donate some of your time. Anything from a few hours to a few days you can get involved and volunteer with projects such as Trash Hero in New York, USA to help collect trash along the Hudson River. Or help plant seedlings and small trees in Albufeira, Portugal to aid the nature reserve to preserve and grow the forests.

Whatever you choose to do you can incorporate the many projects into your holiday with ease. If you cannot find a project in the country you are visiting, then you can always do your bit by making sure you shop ethically and sustainably before you go.

Here are a few suggestions of ethically and sustainably made products that will help you on your travels.

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